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Best Children’s Cancer Charities

Thousands of people across the globe are diagnosed with cancer each year. Among those affected are children and this is a worrying trend. However, a number of organizations have come forward to support the victims and the affected families in a bid to ultimately get rid of childhood cancer along with its devastating effects. This dreaded condition is multifaceted but these social impact charities have vowed to attack the problem the best they can and from all possible angles. So, what are the best children’s cancer charities that you can recommend someone affected by this deadly and life-threatening disease? Let’s find out.

1. Family Reach Foundation

When a family member is diagnosed with cancer, the immediate family members become financially devastated immediately. The news of cancer affecting their loved ones is too grim to bear along with the expenses involved. Even though insurance comes in to cover a portion of the medical expenses, the whole burden of this condition is left on the shoulders of the family members.

However, Family Reach Foundation has come a long where to alleviate the situation through partnering with various hospitals across the country. The organization steps in to pay directly all the family expenses such as groceries, utility bills, mortgage, car payments among others.

Whenever a family gets a cancer diagnosis, the organization assigns a social worker to see them through the whole emotional and of course, the financial burden in the course of their treatment. The social workers have an obligation to alert the organization about the families facing a serious financial problem regarding a cancer patient. Eventually, the charity comes forward to pay the bills directly in order to help the affected families focus on other important issues.

2. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Its mission is to raise enough funds as well as create awareness for childhood cancer through extensive research on the subject matter. Also, the organization strives to empower people, especially children to help them make a difference in life.

The foundation was established in 2000 when a four-year-old Alex Scott (Cancer patient) proposed to make a lemonade stand with the aim of raising money to help find a possible cure for children affected with cancer. From then, the project grew and to this date, it has helped children suffering from cancer.

The greatest impact that the organization is recognized with is raising funds to promote cancer research. It is no wonder that over 100 organizations have so far benefited from more than 500 research grants from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

To help fund the organization, an individual is encouraged to follow in the footsteps of Alex Scott by hosting a lemonade stand to raise funds. Or taking part in Alex’s Million Mile involving walking, running or riding bikes to help achieve the set goal of a million miles. The main idea behind participating in this charity walk is to reach a million-mile goal aimed at promoting Childhood Cancer Awareness in every month of September each year.

3.Vs. Cancer

The Vs. Cancer was established to save children’s lives through empowering communities and athletes to come together with the aim of raising enough funds to help save lives. The organization is approaching the problem from two different angles which are improving the treatment of children with cancer and funding the pediatric cancer research. The charity organization works all round the clock to ensure that all kids within their reach are free of cancer.

During their fundraising mission, for each dollar raised, 50% of it goes directly to the local childhood cancer hospitals within the supporters’ communities while the rest of the funds go to the national cancer research for new and better treatments.

As a matter of fact, the organization was able to raise over $1.5 million in a period of two years. This was quite an achievement toward fighting childhood cancer. By 2014, Vs. Cancer had met the needs of more than 50 hospitals and about 40,617 children.

4. Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation

This is another organization that was established to help children suffering from cancer. The organization’s main goal is to elevate the social, mental and emotional wellbeing of those families under cancer treatment. Through its BearAble Gifts Program, Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation is able to supply various gifts to cancer children in North America.

Every quarter year the charity organization’s social workers and the child life specialists take further steps to request toys and other gifts for kids they serve. The gifts include all types of toys, board games, coloring books, textbooks, video games and so on. After that, volunteers classify those gifts into different age groups among children and then ship them to various hospitals and several oncology centers in the country. As such, thousands of cancer children receive those special gifts on a yearly basis.

5. Cure Childhood Cancer

For anyone looking for a charitable organization with lean operations and dedicated focus on a mission related to spending, then CURE Childhood Cancer is a better choice for them. In fact, the executive director, Kristin Connor, is the mother of a childhood cancer survivor. Therefore, she is fully committed to running this organization in a more responsible manner with the goal of creating a positive impact in society.

Cure Childhood boasts of a whopping $4.7 million budget where 48% of that amount is allocated to the cancer research, 39% to patients and family services including the emergency financial assistance, meals for hospitalized children, transportation assistance and survivorship as well bereavement support to the affected families. Also, 8% of the same amount is set aside for administration while 5% goes to the fundraising costs.

In addition to that, $2.5 million is disbursed as pediatric grants and fellowships which caters for 19 different initiatives at six top pediatric cancer centers. To appreciate the good work done by Cure Childcare Cancer, Charity Navigator, America’s premier evaluator for the sound fiscal nonprofit management, awarded this charitable organization a 4-star rating your-over-year.


There are hundreds if not thousands of charitable organizations dealing with childhood cancer victims and their families. This way, those affected are not left with a whole burden of taking care of their patients but the organization comes in handy to help them in any way possible. Without such organizations, so many childhood cancer victims would be suffering in silence.


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